We hold the following patents (or patent license).

Invention name Patent No.
Patents for production process of Radical Sponge JP4326382 (Japan), EP1894973 (Europe), ZL200580049615.2 (China), 10-1100093 (Korea)
Patents for composition of Radical Sponge for external applications JP4360925 (Japan), EP1595936 (Europe), ZL200480005008.1 (China), 10-0972 777 (Korea)
Patents for anti-wrinkle composition of LipoFullerene JP5284345 (Japan)
Patent for ubiquinone-stabilizing agent of LipoFullerene JP5641708 (Japan)
Patent for ultraviolet protectant of Moist Fullerene JP5106446 (Japan)
Patent for cosmetic composition containing fullerenes JP4474225 (Japan)
Patent for hair growth tonic containing fullerenes and hinokitiols JP4685441 (Japan)
Patents for residual solvent removal process of fullerenes JP4741196 (Japan)
Patent for deodorant containing fullerenes against nonenal JP 5046496 (Japan)
Patent for hair treatment compositions and methods for reducing hair cuticle damage using the same JP2016169215 (Japan)
Patent for fullerene-containing cosmetic composition JP2018005921(Japan)